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Friday, April 29th, 2005

Blaubaer recently finished a very nice documentation project for SourceMod. It’s similar to what we had for AMX Mod X, “Funcwiki”, except superior in design, graphics, ability, and organization.

It has a smooth and efficient feel to it, and makes it very easy for us to maintain multiple sets of API documentation in different spoken languages. We’ve put up a live copy for people to play around with:

You can log in with your forums account. Enjoy!

What, development?!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Yes, I’m still here… despite being reduced from LeetBailopan to VirtualCPU.

As many of you know, development basically stalled – overbloated code base, poorly defined restrictions (“feature creep” syndrome), and worse, a messy HL2SDK and belligerant-to-help Valve. During this downtime we’ve alluded to a something a few times that PM OnoTo has been working on for months. “SourceHook”. I said a few weeks ago that something much larger was coming out of the ashes of SourceMod.

SourceHook took on a life of its own and wandered off – it’s no longer part of SourceMod, and very soon we’ll be resurfacing it as something new. In the meantime, the Server Plugin community has flourished within its limits, and it’s still apparent that a unified administration basis is still something people might want.

As such, the SourceMod development cycle is finally shifting – and this time it will be focused primarily on providing a modular configuration and admin API that is cross-ServerPlugin and cross-SourceMod plugin. This API, like the old IConfig interface, will be designed such that a module can change the behaviour of configuration and the storage of admins – without forcing other developers to change their own code.

If you’re interested in what’s happening: PM/e-mail me or post your forum name as a comment and I’ll add you to the internal forums. This is intended for people actually writing code — for the general public PM and I will have more information in the next few days.

BAILOPAN is now a processor vendor!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Check out and scroll down to the Processor Vendor section.

If it’s not there anymore, here is a screenshot:

For those of you interested, this is how I’ve done it:
Before clicking Send (or whatever the last button was called) in Steam’s Hardware Survey, I have scrolled down and found out that it was going to send “GenuineIntel” as my processor vendor. So I attached WinDbg to the steam.exe process, and I have entered this command:

.foreach ( place { s -a 0x1 0x10000000 "GenuineIntel" } ) { ea place "LeetBailopan" }

Then, continue the process with

And press Send!

Also note that the command I have posted does not append a terminating null character; I don’t know whether the strings need to be fixed-length so I have just chosen something with the same length :)

Browser Stats

Monday, April 4th, 2005

Here are the browser stats (January-March):
Internet Explorer: 69.9 %
Mozilla (Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape): 26.8 %
Opera: 2.2 %
Others: 1.1 %

You should have a look at the Switch2Firefox site :)

Also I installed a spam filter which hopefully stops the stupid comment spammer.

Gaben rocks!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

As HL Fallout reports Gaben has started touring full-time with his rock band.
His first single is Chasing the Sun.
You should also have a look this photo.