Command API, Part 2 of 3

Today’s update is a large addition to the wiki, extending Wednesday’s article. (I think the timing got a bit screwed up so this might have already been on the wiki for the previous article.)

Given the length of the addition, this devlog article will be short. Most of the text is an application of console commands combined with the administration system, which has been described in much detail.

The major difference between SourceMod and AMX Mod X here is that admin access checking is done in Core, not in plugins. This lowers the burden on the plugin author, and allows Core to provide much more extensibility/flexibility via configuration files. While AMX Mod X 1.77 will have the ability to alter command flags, SourceMod takes this a step further with command groups, as well as per-group ACLs to deny or allow commands/command groups.

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