On Timer Design, Part 3 of 3

Today let’s finish up two previous articles on timer design.

As we learned, SourceMod drops features of previous timer designs in order to make it as streamlined as possible. Timers have one unchangeable interval. If you want them to repeat, they repeat until you explicitly tell them to stop. You can slide an optional integer through the callback, but no arrays with strange copyback expectations or parameter re-ordering messes. This design doesn’t restrict you. It simply means that you have to use the other primitives of SourceMod as building blocks for your scripts.

To read on, see today’s wiki article, Timers (SourceMod Scripting), where various common examples are addressed:

  • One-time timers
  • Killing timers without using a crutch like AMX Mod X’s task_exists()
  • Counting repeatable timers
  • Passing basic data to a timer
  • Passing advanced data to a timer

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