SourceMod web frontend: smWeb

OK, time to write up what some of us have been up to…
Most of you heard about the fact that one of SourceMod features will be a web-interface. If not, go read bail’s interview here. I’ve been working on Amxbans for some time now, and it kinda took me by surprise on how popular web-interfaces are to a lot of admins out there.

When I found out about SourceMod I started to talk to bail, and mentioned that it would be great if SourceMod had a nice flexible, configurable and powerful web interface. We started exchanging ideas and quickly came to the conclusion that not only it would be a nice way to lay a lot of functionality bare to the server-admins but it was actually a good alternative to editing a bunch of ini files. As bail mentioned we will keep different set-ups in mind… just running one gameserver? You’ll get along fine, but the convenience of being able to manage multiple servers from one ‘console’ (while not being a new concept) is hard to find. Sure there are alternatives, but usually they’re limited in functionality.

So what’s it gonna be?!
Let’s start by summing up a few of the features that smWeb will have:

* Admin management.
Here you’ll find the usually functionality you would expect from something called ‘admin management’ :) By assigning admins to groups, and giving admins individual web-access levels you will quickly be able to assign admins to servers and create different ‘functions’ for different people.

* Server management
As you install SourceMod onto your gameserver(s), these servers will ‘register’ themselves with smWeb, enabling you to assign servers to groups, changing settings and more.

* Plugin management
The Plugin manager basically is a part of server management. Per server you will be able to enable/disable plugins. The Plugin manager allows for plugin authors to extend functionality across the web-interface. This means that plugin authors can write addons in order for their plugins to be configured from the web. Plugins usually contain commands, each available command will automatically register with the interface, where it can be assigned to groups, enabling you to control who will be able to use what command on which server. Commands can also individually be enabled/disabled; liked that plugin he wrote, just not that particular command? just disable it in the web-interface.

* Group management.
When you admin multiple servers with multiple mods, you will probably like the idea that groups are what tie admins, servers and commands together. In other words you can have people being admin on one server, but not another, and have various levels of admins across your servers. Admins might be able to perform a specific command on server A, but not server B. Is this all needed? Not for all of you, but we aim to please a wide variety of admins. You can as easily create 1 group, put all your admins and servers in there, assign all available commands to that group and your good to go, while others can create per-mod groups and assign specific servers with specific plugins installed to the various groups. Lots of talk which can be summed up in 1 word: flexible.

That’s it?
You might say that that’s not a lot of functionality if you take a step back from the details. After all you’ll ‘just’ be able to manage admins, plugins and servers… This is why we made smWeb extendable by addons. Addons basically can be a collection of php scripts (and server plugins) which extend the functionality of smWeb.

As we speak, some of the addons below are being worked on:

* smBans.
The successor of amxbans nicely integrated into smWeb by yours truly. Some of you may allready know and use amxbans. Pretty much all the functionality will be in smBans… and then some. I even managed to integrate with amxmodx here and there :). Share them bans!

* Server Config management
The ability to add/edit and store configurations for your server(s), manage mapcycles, add custom content like maps/sounds, edit motd files and more. No need to shell into your server and change those configs, or remote desktop to that server just to tinker with the mapcycle. The aim is that it can all be done from smWeb.

* Bot management
Enables you to easily add, remove and configure bots. simple as that.

Now to be completely clear about this; as with SourceMod itself, the development team will focus on the core. We all rely on you to come up with cool new features and enhancements. We will be providing some tools and examples to get you started. Hopefully plugin authors see the benefits from not only writing usefull and/or fun plugins, but making that easily configurable too. Did I mention that smWeb will be completely customizeable with themes, and localized to boot? Just making sure…

Wrap up.
We’re well underway with smWeb, actually we’re about to start working on interfacing with SourceMod itself, it’ll be nice to flick some switches and actually see the results on your server :)

Oh, should you come accross Geesu, make sure you hug him for putting so many hours into this, he likes being hugged :)

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  1. YoMama…thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put towards your online management system/s. I have to admit – they are a blessing for both noob server admins who really dont know what to do with all the ini and cfg files as well as veteran admins who just want more time to play on their own servers.
    Once again – thank you.

  2. If you are looking for beta testers, I would be more than happy to volunteer my server.

  3. I would like to beta test this also. I love doing this stuff and i love programming in my spare time.

  4. FiRe says:


    Wireplay CS/CS:S

  5. maalls says:

    Source modot hol lehet letölteni?

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