Phew, an Update!

Well, for the most part, school took a heavy chunk of my time for the past few weeks. It hasn’t been fun, and needless to say, I can’t neglect school work.

I’ve just finished finals (for those of you that know me, my school does not use a semester system, we have three classes in seven week “terms”, with four terms named A-D). Term D starts in twelve days.

I should have a lighter course load next term, but I really don’t know yet. Anyway, I leave for a four day vacation to Maryland, and when I get back, I plan to release some sort of SourceMod package for developing purposes.

I’ve said all along that SourceMod has always been usable, and so far it has. But the state of generic mod development in the world of Valve is very grim, and none of us are very sure of the future Valve is painting towards pluggable modability.

While we’ve done quite a big of work to weasel around design problems in Source, the end result is that Valve is continually changing an undocumented set of buggy rules. While Valve certainly has every right to do this, it means that it will be a while before SourceMod will ever be considered “production, user-friendly stable”. Note, this is coming from a Debian fanatic, so my idea of “stable” is pretty strict – it means good documentation, crash-free, and no drastic changes without prior warning. Valve often releases information when they change important things (such as the server query protocol, which YoMama will now have to rewrite portions of smWeb for), most things are undocumented save for changelog entries or posts to hlcoders/VERC.

A common argument I hear against Valve’s HL2SDK waverings is that “HL1′s SDK took a long time to get where it finally ended”. This is true, however, this means it will likewise take SourceMod a long time to reach this state. Furthermore, the road blocks we’ve hit don’t end at the code level, but with Valve’s attitude toward the problems people have encountered. Many of these problems, such as undocumented changes, occurred with HL1′s SDK even after it stabilized. Although here you could argue that Valve was too busy preparing for Steam and HL2, the end result is that it’s a noted, problematic trend.

Hopefully, over time, these issues will dissolve one way or another. In the meantime, there is a long road ahead for Server Plugins and the HL2SDK.

I’ll be back soon, and hopefully over my break we’ll be able to release some sort of development package.

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  1. FiRe says:

    RSS feed doesn’t work btw

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, so when did you say you would release this development package?

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