Western Analog

Well, I woke up this morning to the following Windows XP Stop Error:

Yes, my hard drive had died. I was able to spin it up enough to back up my data, but it won’t stay on for longer than a few minutes before locking up whatever it’s connected to. When I ran a disk check on it, I was getting bad sectors. This explains the odd behaviour my computer has had for months now.

About four years ago I promised myself I’d stop buying Western Digital drives – four died on me. When I got this one, I thought, Maybe they’ve changed over the years. Nope, they still make terrible hardware. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so either, as I can relate a little anecdote.

In the Sin Lab we have a WD hard drive on display which, by the looks of it, was hacked open by a machete. We’ve no idea where it came from, but it appeared one night with the following note: “The problem is here (arrow pointing toward a giant gash)”.

A friend stopped by and said, “the real problem is that they bought a Western Digital drive”. I replied, “No, Western actually ships them like that.” It provoked a laugh from everyone in radius.

Idea of the day: companies should quality test their hardware!

6 Responses to “Western Analog”

  1. PM says:

    And their software.

  2. Andrew Alden says:

    dude i have had like 4 of those fuckers fail on me as well.. what happened to them being the best??

  3. Punch card says:

    Then use a punch card. There you can see the quality and you can prevent them from eliminating your data. :-)

  4. Riley says:

    i have 2 WD 120 gigs……i’ve had them for almost 2 years……and neither have died…….

  5. BAILOPAN says:

    I did a WD diagnostic on the drive, which returned a “Fail” into about 3 seconds of the quick test. It was in warranty so I’ve RMA’d it, hopefully I’ll actually get it back.

  6. Monolyth says:

    While I’ve had problems with WD on their lower-end drives, their high-end “Raptor” series have treated me fairly well (Had them RAID 0 for the past 2 years), probably due to the fact they are using SCSI motors (10K rpm) w/a SATA interface, thus they are forced to use higher-end parts.

    I still steer clear of WD regular drives and Hitachi (formerly IBM). I used to love IBM, but they had some really bad batches go through and really soured my view of them.

    For simple storage purposes I use Maxtor or Seagate and rarely move from them. Their drives generally run quieter and cooler than the rest and for storage that’s what you want.

    Sorry to hear of your WD Deathmatch BAILO, but looks like you’ve managed to survive :)

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