Website Theme and IRC Channels

HTML allows to include alternate stylesheets so you can choose the theme you like best.
I added the theme to as an alternate stylesheet. If you are a Firefox user you can open the menu View, Page Style. I’m not sure if Opera supports it but Internet Explorer doesn’t (did you expect something else?).
Also there is a nice JavaScript which automatically saves the selected theme in a cookie.

I reactivated my IRC bot which relays messages from GameSurge to QuakeNet and vice versa. So now it doesn’t really matter whether you join the SourceMod channel on GS or QN. There is also a general Source Dedicated Server Help channel called #srcds.

193 Responses to “Website Theme and IRC Channels”

  1. Astroman says:

    Twas all my idea.

  2. Astroman says:

    Wait, do things actually happen on the quakenet channel? besides LanceVorgin when he for some reason can’t get on gamesurge?

  3. knocker says:

    opera supports different styles … at least the beta i am using :D

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