BAILOPAN is now a processor vendor!

Check out and scroll down to the Processor Vendor section.

If it’s not there anymore, here is a screenshot:

For those of you interested, this is how I’ve done it:
Before clicking Send (or whatever the last button was called) in Steam’s Hardware Survey, I have scrolled down and found out that it was going to send “GenuineIntel” as my processor vendor. So I attached WinDbg to the steam.exe process, and I have entered this command:

.foreach ( place { s -a 0x1 0x10000000 "GenuineIntel" } ) { ea place "LeetBailopan" }

Then, continue the process with

And press Send!

Also note that the command I have posted does not append a terminating null character; I don’t know whether the strings need to be fixed-length so I have just chosen something with the same length :)

9 Responses to “BAILOPAN is now a processor vendor!”

  1. t3hmuffinman says:


  2. t3hmuffinman says:

    haha, nice.

  3. Black Hawk says:

    Haha Baliopan YOU ROCK!!

    Awesome stuff! :D

  4. Dygear says:

    Man, that would be “leet” if I could do that with my name! Haha, leetdaliopan.


    Must try this later. :)

  5. wander says:

    haha they have no idea how you have done this :P
    they renamend it to “virtual CPU”.

  6. PM says:

    Ohnoes, you are right; it’s gone and “Virtual CPU” is there instead… Hmmm. Let’s wait for the next survey ^^

  7. SniperBeamer says:

    my “INTERWEB” vendor is still there :)

  8. vancelorgin says:

    you noofs

    steamui .text = 1A91000
    01AD5150 . 81EC 80020000 SUB ESP,280

  9. DJ says:

    Virtual PC is a legit one, not a replacement for yours, I run a steam dedicated server on a virtual machine :p

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