Metamod: Source

What we have been preparing for some time now is finally finished.

Valve wanted the server plugins interface to be a replacement for the old metamod. But as you might know, it is a very poor replacement – you can only supercede three functions. Plugin developers wanted more power, so they started hacking the vtables. But everyone did it his own way, the plugins did not like each other, and were often not portable. We wanted to provide a unified interface, so we’ve decided to create SourceMM (Metamod: Source).

SourceMM is a gamedll wrapper, just like metamod was. You specify SourceMM as your gamedll, and it then loads the original gamedll. SourceMM contains a plugin manager, a log subsystem, and a hook manager.

SourceMM plugins have much more power than original server plugins. They can easily hook any virtual function from any class instance by name (of course, if you have the class definition ;) ). A easy to use metamod-like interface (with META_RETURN, etc.) is provided for the hook handlers.

We hope that as many plugin developers as possible will convert their plugins to SourceMM in the future. SourceMod will also be a SourceMM plugin.

So visit and download the Release Candidate 1 now!

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  1. XmDXtReMeK says:

    wow, didnt see that coming. goodjob keep up the good work…

  2. ichthys says:


  3. Axon says:

    Wow, well done guys. Now we’re just eagerly waiting you’re release of Source Mod =D.

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