HLDM Match

I have been playing CS/HLDM for the past day or two for the first time in quite a while – I forgot how addicting games could be, as I’ve not had time to play them. When I made note of this in #amxmodx, hullu (aka “evilspy”, the man behind Metamod-P) challenged me to an HLDM match.

HLDM was the first real FPS I played online, and from the first day until now my favorite weapon of any game has been the tau cannon, and my favorite map of any game has been crossfire. Naturally, I couldn’t refuse a battle of the Metamod developers. I put up a server (nope – not even running Metamod!) and we played.

Hullu was pretty good. On crossfire he narrowly outplayed me and on stalkyard he mopped the terrain with my corpses. All in all he out shotgun’d, crossbow’d, MP5′d, and tau’d me. Obviously, this means Metamod-P is better than Metamod.

At various points a few other #amxmodx idlers joined in – Bloodmist and Greentryst. Screenshots:

I have to admit, the best part was HUD messages like these:

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