Bail’s Inbox, 2

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Feb 2005

Hey! How to be coder? How know commands?
How i learn coding? Can you help me?

How to be coder? Ingredients:

  • One (1) keyboard
  • The Internet
  • Lots and lots of {, }, (, and )
  • Place ingredients in a compiler. Let bake for 30 minutes. When done, link.

Or, the command to be a coder is: amx_codeitup

I hope this helps you learning to be a coder, as it’s usually easier to ask for personal tutoring than, say, reading the small book we wrote on scripting. Which, of course, is stickied.

(Not surprisingly, this type of question is frequent.)

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  1. Basic-Master says:

    I’ve just tried your recipe and all I got was a huge pancake with gaben’s face on it :( Yes, I really like such PMs like that one in your thread. Oh, I believe I’ve got mail! Let’s see what I got…

    i was installed all mod (engine,csx,cstrike,….)

    and other object

    i check all step , it wasn’t probelm.

    why i cant run amxmodx 1.7

    but amxmodx 1.0/1.6 can run..

    how to solve this problem ,plz help me

    thanks you very much~!

    Okay, what did we learn from that message? Do not try to memorize all the data of AMX Mod X and wonder why AMXX doesn’t work on your server. Just use the installer to install it on the server (a server is a magic box you can use to.. be a coder).

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