To All Interested Parties

Tomorrow, 3/23/2006, at 5PM EST (GMT-5), I will be hosting a formal IRC chat session on the future of SourceMod. This was originally intended for just us as an internal group but I’ve decided to extend it to the public.

The chat will be at, channel:

It might seem self serving but the result of the meeting will decide the future of the project. It depends on the input we get from the community and how it lines up to our own goals.

The meeting agenda:

  • Introduce the major players in the “hardcoded” SM team
  • Discuss our real goals behind SourceMod and why, as a project, it initially failed
  • Discuss the problem of programming language
  • Discuss the timeframe scenarios involved in a final product
  • Discuss the problem of working with the HL2SDK
  • Give project lifecycle projections (timelines and scenarios)
  • Introduce the options there are to continue the project
  • Have a Q&A Session
  • Open the floor to public input
  • Whether or not anyone shows up, this will be taking place amongst the remaining developers. You’re welcome to join in.

    Note: chat will be moderated. We will be posting a log of the chat session after we’re done.


  • /server, /join in your IRC client.
  • If you wish to request to speak openly during the chat, PM “mark-” to get the floor.
  • During the Q&A session, we’ll take off moderation, put it back on to answer the first question given, then put take it off again. (Rinse, lather, repeat)
  • If it’s determined that you’re there to cause trouble you’ll be removed.
  • 5 Responses to “To All Interested Parties”

    1. _KaszpiR_ says:

      geez, i have found 4 defititons of ESt time, why don;t you use GMT?

    2. _KaszpiR_ says:

      ok found it, UTC-5

    3. BAILOPAN says:

      There, it says GMT-5 now ;]

    4. _KaszpiR_ says:

      i would recommend setting time ONLY in GMT, some people have problems with math ;D

    5. killerbee says:

      Damn, wish I didn’t miss this.

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