SourceMod Spirit

In the enduring spirit of SourceMod you can watch a hamster online 24/7. Bail himself has commented on how he feels that the SM project is like this hamster on so many levels, like how the hamster approaches his roller ball and the way SM rolls on and on even if it never actually moves forward…

It is Bail’s dream that one day he becomes one with the hamster inside himself and becomes completely of the hamster….

Well anyway enough bail crazyness, here is the link, requires WMP 10.
Link to the hamster!

7 Responses to “SourceMod Spirit”

  1. BAILOPAN says:

    Hey, that was PM OnoTo’s link <_<

  2. PM says:


    I wanted to point out that the hamster pwns.


  3. Manip says:

    If PM wanted to post the link he should have been faster … :)

  4. BAILOPAN says:

    Maybe if you actually did something it wouldn’t roll on and on ;]

    It’s a big wheel, but it has a ton of momentum.

  5. Manip says:

    Hey! Not fair, I break more stuff than anyone else including you.. at least give me credit for that!

  6. Man... or Astro-Man? says:

    thats pretty damn creepy, but i cant stop watching it!

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