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SourceMod 1.5.3 Released Mar 22, 2014 15:23
I'm pleased to announce that SourceMod 1.5.3 has been released.

As usual for our minor releases, it primarily contains updates to game compatibility (particularly CS:GO) and a number of bug fixes. See the release notes for the full changelog.

You can get SourceMod 1.5.3 from the downloads page. Some support links:

Special thanks to community members Peace-Maker and FlaminSarge as well as the rest of the SourceMod dev team.

Additionally, I would like to formally welcome Drifter and KyleS as the newest official members of the SM team. They've also been a great help with this release and with progress toward our next major one.
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SourceMod 1.5.2 Released Oct 29, 2013 21:07
I'm pleased to announce that SourceMod 1.5.2 has been released.

This release contains a small number of bugfixes as well as updated game support. See the release notes for the full changelog.

You can get SourceMod 1.5.2 from the downloads page. Some support links:

Thanks to the rest of the SM team as well as KyleS for some of the fixes and Drifter for many of the gamedata updates.
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SourceMod 1.5.1 Released Sep 10, 2013 16:48
I'm pleased to announce that SourceMod 1.5.1 has been released.

This is mostly a small bugfix release that fixes some regressions in 1.5.0 as well as some other issues.

Additionally, it includes more localization fixes as well as support for the Norwegian language, fixes for some long-time issues in SDKHooks that have been recently causing problems, and a new native for CS:S/CS:GO to automatically set a player's model (after a forced team change, for example). See the release notes for the full changelog.

You can get SourceMod 1.5.1 from the downloads page. Some support links:

Thanks to the rest of the SM team as well as Drifter, Peace-Maker, and KyleS for the bug fixes, as well as Checkster and Oktober for the language fixups.
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SourceMod 1.5 released! Aug 25, 2013 19:00
We are pleased to announce that SourceMod 1.5 has finally been released.

Concurrently, Metamod:Source 1.10 has also been released.

This is a major update with a plethora of new features and fixes for users and developers alike.

You can get it at the downloads page. Metamod:Source 1.9 or higher is required.


As always, you do not need to recompile plugins or extensions. If you encounter any problems, please check the upgrade instructions before filing bug reports.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this release and supported AlliedModders, including, but not limited to members of the SM dev team - BAILOPAN, DS, Fyren, psychonic, and asherkin - as well as all other code contributors, particularly Drifter and KyleS, bug reporters, translators, and donators.
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SourceMod 1.5 nearing completion. Translators needed. Apr 08, 2013 16:32
SourceMod 1.5 is getting ever-closer completion and translatable strings are now frozen.

Translators now have a few weeks to update their languages.
There have been a few new phrases added to allow further localization, and you can use the translator tool to see what they are. When it comes time to release, we'll only export languages that have complete string support.

If after some time you notice that your native language isn't complete and you would like to help, please file a bug to be added as a translator.

SourceMod 1.5 will be a new major release including the following and more.
  • Official support for CS:GO (finally).
  • Overdue update of the SQLite library to current.
  • Better support for handling max human players and partial map names in L4D, L4D2, and Swarm (along with CS:GO).
  • Added SDK Hooks as a first-party extension.
  • Split all ep2v games to their own "engines" (only CS:S is done at the moment, the rest will be done before release. More on this later)
  • Added more native functionality for TF2 and CS:S.
  • Added support for runoff voting in mapchooser.
  • Added ability to use admin overrides with regular console commands.
  • Better validation of Steam IDs in the auth system to prevent even the craftiest of abuse.
  • Fixes for multiple issues with cloned handles.
  • And much more.

A final changelog, final list of api changes, and notes on compatibility changes with the ep2v extension binarys and gamedata will be available closer to or at time of actual release.

We really, really are finally getting this wrapped up after numerous delays, trying to keep up with Valve's updates to various games. It's been mostly feature-frozen for a while now, with work already started on 1.6. After strings are translated and some last compatibility changes are complete, we will finally be able to ship the stable SM 1.5.0 release.
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