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AlliedModders, New Unified Forums Jun 24, 2006 03:13
I'm very pleased to announce our new unified initiative, AlliedModders! Over the past eight months, Freecode and I have worked on the logistics of combining our major projects together. Today we have finally taken the first big step, and merged AMX Mod X, SourceMod, and SuperHero Mod into one bulletin board.

In the coming months we will be redoing our main sites to focus on an easy interface that binds all of the projects together. We are also using new forum software, vBulletin, carefully themed to look almost exactly phpBB2. You'll see we've expanded the layout of the various projects to be more accomodating, using vBulletin's handy sub-forum feature.

There are a few details you'll see are missing. I recommend everyone visit the new Site Issues forum. This is the new place to discuss site and forums features. You'll see stickies about what features are missing/broken, what's new, and what to do if your account broke from the import. You are also welcome to post site or forum problems here.

This was a huge undertaking on our part, and has been in our plans for over half a year. We're all very relieved to finally see it happen, and there are a few people I would like to personally thank:

  • Freecode - Without his help, AlliedModders would not have happened. The theme was quite time consuming on his part, especially when enduring nit-picking over silly details. I am genuinely impressed with how well it came out. He also ported our phpBB plugin system, oversaw the merge complications, and spent the past three days pulling all-nighters with me. My hat is off to Freecode. Thanks!
  • Brad - Responsible for the new and improved syntax highlighter integration.
  • TechConnect - Our soon-to-be-announced Source sponsor, who got us our shiny new webserver (located in TX, USA).
  • Lastly, thanks to twistedeuphoria and faluco who helped give input, report bugs, and do some tedious cleanup tasks.

We're all looking forward to seeing where this goes!
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Metamod:Source 1.2.3 Released! Jun 14, 2006 22:49
This is a quick update to make Metamod:Source run with the recent HL2DM update.

Link: or

Full Changelog:
- Added SourceHook API for manual recalls: RETURN_META_(VALUE_)MNEWPARAMS
- Added support for ServerGameDLL005 (latest HL2DM update)
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Downtime Alert, New Forums Coming Jun 14, 2006 13:34
This is a duplicate of the post on

As I've hinted, and often outright said, we have outgrown our phpBB2 installation. In order to make it easier for us to deal with upgrades, customizations, optimizations, and manage accounts/projects, we're moving to vBulletin's forum software.

This is a large process that Freecode and I have been working with on and off for many months now. As part of this migration, we are combining the forums from AMX Mod X, SourceMod, and SuperHero Mod into one big installation.

We have done our best to make this seem seamless - down to even porting the phpBB2 subSilver theme and our plugin system to vBulletin. However, the start will likely be a bit rocky. The major problem is that some users have different accounts on all three forums. There is an easy fix for this, though! And I will say it in very large letters, so everyone see it:

Your e-mail addresses between AMX Mod X, SuperHero, and the SourceMod forums must match for your accounts to "combine" properly. If you have accounts on more than one of these sites, make sure your e-mail addresses match, do not just assume that they do!

With that said, we'll be unrolling this in two phases over this week. The first phase starts at Wednesday night (June 14th) around MIDNIGHT EST. There will be total downtime - the forums, CVS, and all sites hosted on will be totally unreachable. This includes AMX Mod X, WC3Mods, SourceMod, and SuperHero. This downtime will hopefully only last at most six hours, but expect an entire day for worse case scenario.

After that, we plan to install the new forum software from June 19-20th (Mon-Tues of next week). AMX Mod X, SourceMod, and SuperHero forums will remain up in "read-only mode" before the new forums go live, so hopefully there will be no downtime.

We've also finished beta testing AMX Mod X 1.75, and that will be released next week if there are no major forums problems. Make sure to check out the upcoming changes here.
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Metamod:Source 1.2.2 Released! May 25, 2006 12:04
This release adds a number of exciting features and fixes for both developers and users. Most importantly, it will run with the latest Source update.


Updates do not usually break Metamod:Source, and we apologize for this (there was a fall-through bug).

Aliases, the new user feature, lets you shorten long plugin names (such as "mani_admin_plugin"). You can use the "meta alias" server command, or the new alias format for metaplugins.ini. To read more, see: Commands and Configuration.

For developers, important fixes to SH_CALL were made, and SH_MCALL (manual call classes) have been added.

(Special thanks to Damaged Soul for helping with last minute release stuff and PM for getting these SourceHook changse in before his vacation!)

Full Changelog:

- Added the ability to "alias" plugin names in metaplugins.ini.
- Added 'meta alias" command.
- Added SourceHook API for manual callclasses.
- Added support for the latest Source engine (ServerGameDLL005).
- Added API for printing text in a client's console with ClientConPrintf. This does the same thing as IVEngineServer::ClientPrintf except that it allows string formatting.
- Added client version of "meta" command in order to allow clients to view version information and a list of loaded plugins.
- Fixed a bug causing old mods on newer engines to fail loading.
- Fixed issues with SourceHook's SH_CALL and reference parameters.
- Fixed a bug where the mm_pluginsfile cvar was being ignored.
- Fixed a memory leak when using ISmmAPI::InterfaceSearch.
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Public Vote, Discussion Log Mar 23, 2006 17:38
Today's public discussion on SourceMod ended very well. I appreciate the people who took the time to join, ask some great questions, and give their support to the project.

A log of the chat is attached to this news post.

We decided to hold a public vote on the continuation of the project. The problem is that we don't like any of the existing programming languages. Only Small has a perfect blend of amazing speed, simplicity, and our own support code. On the other hand, Small is quite lacking. The code is very old and difficult to maintain. We came up with two options:
  • Delay SourceMod, and all of the big design considerations we wanted to solve and perfect. Spend the next year writing a new language and codebase, then restart SourceMod with our new codebase.
  • Restart SourceMod using AMX Mod X code. That is, the important language pieces such as the debugger, compiler, VM, JIT, and the various modules it has.
This poll is not about choosing a different language. This poll is about the fact that if we're going to relearn a new compiler+VM+JIT from scratch, we want it to be one we write to be perfect. So, we'll either spend the time writing something new, or just use the old cruft from AMX Mod X.

It's important to realize in this poll, that either way, SourceMod is not a magical answer to Source. Certain things, like HUD Messages and mod-compatible menus, are simply impossible to do without Valve reversing their own decisions. AMX Mod X plugins would not be backwards compatible without modification because of Source's limitations.
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