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Metamod:Source 1.3 Released! Aug 16, 2006 22:30
I'm pleased to announce that Metamod:Source 1.3 has been released. This is a feature release which adds a few important new features for developers, as well as fixes some bugs encountered. Plugins should be fully backwards compatible and will not need to be recompiled.

Most importantly, SourceHook now has the ability to hook reference returning functions. We've also added support for Visual Studio 2005 and GCC-4.x.

Remember to post any problems or feature requests in the Metamod:Source Support forums.

Full Changelog:

  • Added SourceHook support for functions that return references.
  • Added some extra information to the "meta game" command: Description and Interface. For example, CS:S would display "Counter-Strike: Source" and "ServerGameDLL004."
  • Added some extra functionality to ISmmPluginManager.
  • Added compiling support for MSVC 8.0 (Visual Studio 2005) and GCC 4.x
  • Added another API helper function for formatting and searching for interfaces.
  • Updated project files and source tree to use the latest HL2SDK.
  • Updated the sample plugins to be a bit cleaner and use newer API.
  • Fixed bug where Metamod:Source could load the wrong GameDLL and/or load more than one GameDLL. This issue occured in HL2 CTF, SourceForts, or any other mod that relied on files from another mod directory.
  • Fixed bug where ISmmAPI::MetaFactory() would return the wrong interface when trying to retrieve ISmmPluginManager.
  • Fixed bug where returning false in Load() after adding a Metamod event listener or hooking a function could cause a crash instead of rejecting the plugin.
  • Fixed bug where trying to load Metamod:Source a second time as a SourceMM or Valve server plugin could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug in FormatIface() that caused InterfaceSearch() to infinite loop.

As always, special thanks to PM OnoTo for his continued work on SourceHook, and to Damaged Soul for his tireless fixings of the HL2SDK.
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SDK Update Aug 04, 2006 16:35
It appears that Source has had a long overdue SDK Tools Update!

From Steam News:
Major New Features
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One enhancements
  • NPC behavior enhancements
  • New Tool application called 'Source SDK Base'
    • Uses the latest shipping version of the Source Engine (HL2: Episode One)
    • This content will be updated whenever a new version of the Source Engine ships
    • Mod makers should always use its SteamAppId (215) in their single player and multi-player mods

  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Click here for the full changelog
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Pastebin Launched, SVN Conversion Jul 12, 2006 21:04
Hello everyone,

Due to's continued downtime, we've put up a quick clone:

Pastebin was used quite frequently on IRC in #amxmodx and #sourcemod, so we're hoping people will once again be able to easily share code without being g-lined for excessive flooding. Start pasting!

Second, we've removed CVS and converted to Subversion (SVN). While you will find the old CVS URLs still work, all future updates and commits will occur to the SVN Repository. You will find Metamod:Source located in /svnroot/sourcemm/trunk.

DS has also kindly written a tutorial, readable on the wiki. Updated source code download links are available at
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Gameconnect sponsors Metamod: Source and SourceMod Jul 11, 2006 08:58
Gameconnect is proud to announce its official sponsorship deal for future development of Metamod: Source, the intelligent plugin API for all Source based games, and Sourcemod, its entry-level programming interface.

Metamod: Source, much like the original Metamod for Half Life, is a game engine API manager that sits between the game and the game mods. This allows its users to write plugins that act as miniature game mods themselves, without the boundaries imposed by the default SDK..while remaining fully compatible with all Source games.

Sourcemod, due to be launched later this year, will provide a gateway to Metamodís functions, providing higher level scripting to control Sourceís internal workings, allowing the creation of Source game plugins and mods with relatively little experience, and zero mess within the engine itself.

Combined, Metamod: Source and Sourcemod spell a shining future for Source plugins, mods and total conversions, and Gameconnect is excited to be right there at the forefront of gaming innovation and development. Stay tuned here for exclusive news and reviews of these projects.

For more information on Metamod and/or Sourcemod, head over to Further details on Sourcemod will be released as they become available.

About Gameconnect is a worldwide gaming community supporting all 'Source' based projects. Started in 2003 as a european clan, Gameconnect has grown to a full community for not only playing games, but supporting Source projects with servers, hosting, marketing and more. Visit for Source news, updates, projects, and other community information.

About AlliedModders (SourceMod)
AlliedModders is a new, unified development group, targeted at bringing extended modability to Half-Life games. AlliedModders has been dedicated to community projects for over two years, fully developing AMX Mod X and Metamod:Source, and helping to maintain the original Metamod. Visit and for more information.

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AlliedModders, New Unified Forums Jun 24, 2006 03:13
I'm very pleased to announce our new unified initiative, AlliedModders! Over the past eight months, Freecode and I have worked on the logistics of combining our major projects together. Today we have finally taken the first big step, and merged AMX Mod X, SourceMod, and SuperHero Mod into one bulletin board.

In the coming months we will be redoing our main sites to focus on an easy interface that binds all of the projects together. We are also using new forum software, vBulletin, carefully themed to look almost exactly phpBB2. You'll see we've expanded the layout of the various projects to be more accomodating, using vBulletin's handy sub-forum feature.

There are a few details you'll see are missing. I recommend everyone visit the new Site Issues forum. This is the new place to discuss site and forums features. You'll see stickies about what features are missing/broken, what's new, and what to do if your account broke from the import. You are also welcome to post site or forum problems here.

This was a huge undertaking on our part, and has been in our plans for over half a year. We're all very relieved to finally see it happen, and there are a few people I would like to personally thank:

  • Freecode - Without his help, AlliedModders would not have happened. The theme was quite time consuming on his part, especially when enduring nit-picking over silly details. I am genuinely impressed with how well it came out. He also ported our phpBB plugin system, oversaw the merge complications, and spent the past three days pulling all-nighters with me. My hat is off to Freecode. Thanks!
  • Brad - Responsible for the new and improved syntax highlighter integration.
  • TechConnect - Our soon-to-be-announced Source sponsor, who got us our shiny new webserver (located in TX, USA).
  • Lastly, thanks to twistedeuphoria and faluco who helped give input, report bugs, and do some tedious cleanup tasks.

We're all looking forward to seeing where this goes!
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