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Public Vote, Discussion Log Mar 23, 2006 17:38
Today's public discussion on SourceMod ended very well. I appreciate the people who took the time to join, ask some great questions, and give their support to the project.

A log of the chat is attached to this news post.

We decided to hold a public vote on the continuation of the project. The problem is that we don't like any of the existing programming languages. Only Small has a perfect blend of amazing speed, simplicity, and our own support code. On the other hand, Small is quite lacking. The code is very old and difficult to maintain. We came up with two options:
  • Delay SourceMod, and all of the big design considerations we wanted to solve and perfect. Spend the next year writing a new language and codebase, then restart SourceMod with our new codebase.
  • Restart SourceMod using AMX Mod X code. That is, the important language pieces such as the debugger, compiler, VM, JIT, and the various modules it has.
This poll is not about choosing a different language. This poll is about the fact that if we're going to relearn a new compiler+VM+JIT from scratch, we want it to be one we write to be perfect. So, we'll either spend the time writing something new, or just use the old cruft from AMX Mod X.

It's important to realize in this poll, that either way, SourceMod is not a magical answer to Source. Certain things, like HUD Messages and mod-compatible menus, are simply impossible to do without Valve reversing their own decisions. AMX Mod X plugins would not be backwards compatible without modification because of Source's limitations.
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Public Discussion Mar 22, 2006 22:58
Quick note: I'm holding a formal, public discussion on the future of the SourceMod project on IRC. It's on March 23rd (tomorrow) at 5PM EST., It will be moderated. You can read about the proceedings, agenda, and rules at the SourceMod Dev Log:

A log of the discussion will be posted.
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Metamod:Source 1.2.1 Released, Coding Wiki Feb 15, 2006 13:47
This is a bug fix release only. Plugin updating won't be necessary unless specific workarounds were used. A few of these bugs can impede proper functionality on non-singleton hooks and it is recommended that everyone upgrade.

If you haven't already seen it, I also had launched a coding wiki about a month ago: -- This wiki was launched to tie in various HL documentation our related projects have. We're also using it for coding articles and official project documentation.


- Fixed bug where returning newparams in a post hook would cause infinite recursion.
- Fixed bug where "meta load" could load the same plugin multiple times.
- Fixed bug where unloading a plugin could crash internal hook states.
- Fixed bug where unhooking a single hook would clear the hook chain.
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Metamod:Source 1.2 Released! Jan 07, 2006 09:06
Metamod:Source 1.2 is hot off the press. You can download it from (changelog is below). This feature releases adds new functionality for plugins to provide easier mod compatibility and safer plugin-to-plugin interaction.

This release will require about 20-30% of plugins to be recompiled. While plugins will recompile without change, you will probably need to contact the authors to do so. While we regret not achieving 100% binary compatibility, the feature list was well worth it.

This update is highly recommended as SourceMM 1.2 plugins will not be backwards compatible with 1.1 plugins. You should upgrade now to get it over with :)

Developers should visit the Coding Docs for more information about the new API.

Metamod:Source 1.2
- Added SourceHook API for modifying parameters in the hook chain.
- Added SourceHook API for declaring and hooking manual vtable hooks.
- Added better API for querying an interface factory.
- Added API for formatting an OS-independent path.
- Added Listen Server Launcher to the graphical installer.
- Fixed bug where failed plugins could crash the plugin list.
- NOTE: SourceHook changes may require plugins to be recompiled against
the new API.

Special thanks for this release:
- PM OnoTo, who continues to put tons effort and very cool features into SourceHook.
- Basic-Master, for keeping the installer up-to-date.
- The people on IRC willing to put up with these API changes, and suggest new features.
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News, Metamod:Source 1.1.2 Released Dec 08, 2005 04:35
As a quick update, Metamod:Source 1.1.2 has been released. If you experience problems, don't forget to post in the SourceMM Support forum.

I'd like to take this opportunity to do some cleaning up. I've reorganized the forum to concentrate focus on Metamod:Source plugins, rather than Valve's Server Plugin interface. The HL2 Plugins posting section is locked and all coding posts have been moved to the SourceMM forum.

This move shouldn't come as a surprise - the SourceMod project is inactive now. We spent a lot of time working on SourceMM because it was clear the HL2SDK was not viable for what we wanted to develop. It still isn't, and we'll continue to promote the Metamod:Source platform as the best option available for writing plugins on the Half-Life 2 engine.

However, the SourceMod project is not dead - it's on the table until the developers have the time to reconvene and begin work again. It won't be today, or tomorrow (we're expecting about two months), but it will someday. In the meantime this site will exist to further support and develop the platform that SourceMod will run on (SourceMM).

For those interested, core1 and core2 of SourceMod are still available in CVS.
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