SQL Support Now Available Jun 02, 2007 17:31
This is a quick news update to showcase the latest addition to SourceMod - SQL support. SourceMod now has a uniform and extensible database interface for both C++ and scripts.

The system is uniform because, no matter what backend you use, the natives stay the same. And it's extensible because multiple backends (drivers) can be supported. Currently we've got an extension for MySQL, and an SQLite one will be coming soon. Any number can be loaded at once, and SourceMod auto-loads the drivers as it needs them.

The "default" database can be configured through configs/databases.cfg.

If you're a developer and interested in how you can use the new SQL API in your plugins, check out the SQL article on the wiki.

We've also finally added "PrintToChat" and "PrintCenterText" natives so scripters don't have to craft usermessages anymore.

Lastly, Metamod:Source beta 1.5, which has a number of delicious changes from PM OnoTo (including vtable-wide hooks) has gotten some good feedback. If you've put it in your server and forgot to say whether it worked, please drop us a line here.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy!
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SourceMod News, Metamod:Source 1.4.1 Released May 17, 2007 13:17
This is a general announcement filled with goodies about recent SourceMod developments.

Metamod:Source 1.4.1 has been released to fix a few bugs and to address the current Source beta. Download it at www.sourcemm.net.

Automated Builds of SourceMod are now hourly instead of nightly, and the builds are now available in an SVN repository so you can update your servers with one SVN command. Head over to the builds page to see!

Build Changelogs of SourceMod are now available. Are you wondering what mysteriously happened during the latest build increment? Check it out here (viewable from the builds page).

Menu APIs are now stable in SourceMod. This is a very comprehensive API that spans a weeks of intensive design and implementation. It offers both low-level display abstraction and a high-level menu building interface, both for SourcePawn and C++ extensions. See the wiki article to learn more! (Examples and screenshots included.)

A New Forum has been added for posting extensions, code snippets, and tutorials. If you have some isolated code, stocks, or information that you think other people could use, but doesn't deserve a wiki article, post it here! Extensions will get stickied (as long as they work).

What's up next for SourceMod? That would be the long-awaited SQL API!

As always, thanks for your support!
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Web Compiler Added Apr 11, 2007 20:52
SourceMod's site now has an online compiler, just like AMX Mod X.

You can upload files directly or paste code into the text box. If the compile succeeds, you get a binary. If not, you get error messages.

URL: http://www.sourcemod.net/compiler.php

Additionally, any .sp files uploaded to the forums will now display a "Get Plugin" link, which compiles the source code on the fly. This should make uploading plugins much easier, as you don't have to manually compile yourself, and the binary will always be against the latest SDK.

The online compiler is automatically updated to nightly builds, so it will always contain the latest include files.
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Metamod:Source 1.4 Released Apr 05, 2007 18:47
Metamod:Source 1.4 has been released at http://www.sourcemm.net/. This is a feature release, which contains new features for both server administrators and developers.

Metamod Source 1.4 is fully backward compatible with previous versions. However, from tonight's nightly builds and onward, SourceMod will require Metamod:Source 1.4 or higher, in order to make use of its new development features.

If you haven't had a chance to look at SourceMod's latest SVN changes, here is a quick summary of what has been added to SourceMod since our March 16th public announcement:
  • IPlayerInfo wrappers
  • KeyValues functions
  • Precaching functions

What's coming up during the next few weeks?
  • SQL functions
  • INetChannelInfo wrappers
  • Menu building functions
  • Client cvar querying
  • IServerPluginHelpers wrappers

Feel free to monitor progression using SVN or to request features at bugs.alliedmods.net. Enjoy!
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SourceMod Publicly Available for Scripting Mar 16, 2007 20:59
I am very pleased to announce that SourceMod is finally publicly available. Before you die of shock over this news, I would like to clarify; this is not a release. We are making our nightly builds available to the public.

SourceMod is rapidly nearing feature completion. It is quite stable and has the fundamental internal features that AMX Mod X does. However, there is one "big" piece missing, and that is the set of administration plugins which will eventually make SourceMod useful to the average administrator.

However, the scripting and C++ API has been deemed stable, and thus we are opening plugin and extension development to the public. SourceMod has a wide range of features available and more are being added every week.

SourceMod should be considered "alpha" quality, although it is quite stable, it is only just emerging from its infancy. As always, I highly recommend that interested parties read the Dev Log for upcoming developments and articles. A beta or non-beta release is expected sometime in April or possibly May.

I would like to thank faluco and Damaged Soul for their hard work on SourceMod over the past few months. "For a project that has died twice," we're very happy to have gotten this far.
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