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There may be breaking changes in builds in this branch, along with shiny new features.

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All Builds from 1.12 Branch

Build Download Change Details Src
6939 Update PVKII FireOutput Linux Signature (#1866)
6938 Return the full list of exts/plugins with "sm exts/plugins" client commands (#1862)
6937 Ensure gameconfig file uniqueness when reading (#1859)
6936 Update Github Action workflow versions (#1858)
6935 Add logging to all basevote vote results (#1794)
6934 Enable CI on release branches (#1854)
6933 Bump minimum MM:S version for build to 1.12 (#1855)
6932 Make sure 'pvkii' gets 'GetDataDescMap' offset (#1852)
6931 Fix DHooks jit code stack memory alignment (#1849)
6930 Split PVKII into its own engine branch (#1847)
6929 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update
6928 Correct missed team offsets in CheckRestartRound (#1844)
6927 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update
6926 Update gamedata for 2022/10/21 CS:GO update (#1842)
6925 entitylump: Fix behavior of append (#1836)
6924 Allow gamedata to use vscript binary (#1826)
6923 Replace old link with newer working one (#1837)
6922 Add functions for working with entity lumps (#1673)
6921 Update CreateDirectory (#1813)
6920 Add support for gamedata lookups from `soundemittersystem` library (#1787)
6919 Merge pull request #1812 from alliedmodders/revert-pbproxy
6915 Add Clientprefs helpers for integers and strings (#1727)
6914 Update operator% forwards to newdecls (#1763)
6913 Add GetClientOriginalLanguage (#1810)
6912 Exposed SDKCall_Engine call type to use CVEngineServer methods (#1648)
6911 Allow using sm_nominate without args from console (#1803)
6910 Update SourcePawn on master.
6909 Fix support for SDKCall returning non-networked entity (#1797)
6908 SDKTools: Add explode parameter to ForcePlayerSuicide native (#1782)
6907 Bump version to 1.12 for manual builds (#1795)
6906 Bump master to 1.12.
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