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There may be breaking changes in builds in this branch, along with shiny new features.

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Build Download Change Details Src
6975 Update Military Conflict: Vietnam gamedata (#1915)
6974 Fix gamedata library search order in some cases. (#1914)
6973 Enable math functions in sqlite (#1886)
6972 Add note about automatic unhook (#1910)
6971 Regression fix for CS:GO GivePlayerItem.
6970 fix: Print full map name in Log instead of args (#1907)
6969 Add TE_WriteEnt and TE_ReadEnt natives to SDKTools. (#1905)
6968 Update TF2 gamedata for version 7757534 (2023-01-05) (#1901)
6967 Fix typo in b77e8c50 causing regression in loading on some games.
6966 Friendly Fire support L4D(2) games. (#1530)
6965 Move menu sound selection from core config to gamedata. (#1896)
6964 Implement raw entity handle accessors (#1830)
6963 Add support for other engine binaries in game configs (#1414). (#1626)
6962 Fix asm.c compiler warnings on Windows. (#1897)
6961 Fix incorrect behaviour in SDKHooks_DropWeapon's "bypassHooks" parameter (#1877)
6960 Add missing set of CBaseEntity::Teleport param on newer games (#1894)
6959 Get sdktools and sdkhooks/dhooks to load on hl2sdk-mock (#1892)
6958 Add weapon_bayonet to the list of blocked knives (#1758)
6954 Fix ReadMapList ignoring file's last modified time (#1891)
6953 Throw error in ShowHudText or ShowSyncHudText if HudText params not yet set (#1890)
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