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There may be breaking changes in builds in this branch, along with shiny new features.

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Build Download Change Details Src
6635 Update credits (#1367)
6634 Update SourcePawn (#1365)
6633 tf2: Add TFCond_PowerupModeDominant (#1361)
6631 sourcepawn: uplift FakeNative to DynamicNative. (#1338)
6630 gamedata: implement GetMemSig (#1345)
6629 gamedata: automate reparsing on load (#1348)
6628 datapack: remove legacy cache (#1357)
6627 loader: preserve binary path for amd64 (#1358)
6626 Fix invalid sm_dump_netprops_xml output (#1360)
6625 Update L4D2 Gamedata for (#1351)
6624 Fix "Command Group" override type admin flags (#1349)
6623 Remove OnEntitySpawned C++ listener (#1342)
6622 Remove use of the Dep API.
6621 Add x64 to official Windows builds.
6620 Fix tabs in BreakpadSymbols.
6618 Another BreakpadSymbols fix.
6612 sdktools_voice: implement ClientSpeaking forwards (#1247)
6611 sdkhooks: assign velocities in CTakeDamageInfo(Hack) (#1322)
6610 menusys: add MenuShufflePerClient native (#1073)
6609 sdkhooks: add OnEntitySpawned fwd. (#1078)
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