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Build Download Change Details Src
6522 Prevent clients from spamming global chat using sm_nominate (#1217)
6521 Update Contagion gamedata again (#1216)
6520 Fix basecomm failing to load on games without sv_alltalk (#1212)
6519 Update for latest Blade Symphony SDK
6518 Update Black Mesa gamedata (#1208)
6517 Revert "csgo: enable SayText + raise msg limits (#1118)" (#1209)
6516 NMRiH gamedata update (#1204)
6515 Use GetCmdArgInt(Ex) in base plugins (#1203)
6512 Restore the frame pointer on Linux (#1200)
6511 Add helper stocks for getting numerical command arguments (#1194)
6510 DarkM: build-fix for engine msg caching (#1195)
6508 sdktools: correct various ancient EntityOutput issues. (#1074)
6507 csgo: enable SayText + raise msg limits (#1118)
6506 sdktools: expose additional tr sdk capabilities (#1145)
6505 sdkhooks: correct velocity issues with dropweapon (#1159)
6504 mapchooser: Replace existing map entry from exclusion list (#1184)
6503 IsServerProcessing: improve grammar / present|correctness. (#1188)
6502 regex: add/document missing offset param (#1175)
6501 Merge pull request #1167 from Scags/teleport-defaulted
6499 Clarify detour creation errors (#1191)
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