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Build Download Change Details Src
6174 Fix MakeBleed native call (add damage custom param)..
6173 make bleed linux sig fix
6172 Tyop fix.
6171 Update TF2 enums.
6170 Gamedata for 2017-10-20 TF2 update.
6169 Switch C header & Fix warnings (#702)
6168 NPOTB: Remove unsupported packages line from Travis-CI.
6167 NPOTB: Enable better coverage testing with toolchains (Travis-CI). (#703)
6166 (Re-)Add support for gcc and clang3.9, 4.0, and 5.0.
6165 Fix unsigned comparison warnings (-Werror + GCC5) from CS:GO fixes.
6164 Fix GCC build with SourcePawn.
6163 Trigger build.
6162 Fix build.
6161 Switch to AMBuild 2.1 API. (#694)
6160 Making rename's LogAction message consistent... (#696)
6159 Making gravity's LogAction message consistent... (#695)
6158 Making blind's LogAction message consistent... (#697)
6157 Fix OnPlayerRunCmd crashing with invalid CUserCmd ptr. (#693)
6156 Fix core config values not being cached (#673)
6155 Add target arg to LogAction in basechat sm_psay. (#690)
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