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Build Download Change Details Src
6698 Update basetriggers ShowFriendlyFire to use the same chat text visibility system as ShowTimeLeft (#1494)
6696 Fix matchmaking_ds for gamedata (#1504)
6695 Update Team Fortress 2 gamedata (#1509)
6694 Fix not working MENU_DEBUG (#1506)
6693 Add FlagBitsToString - Converts a bit string to a string of flag characters (#377)
6692 Update CGameConfig members to use std::string instead of fixed-size char arrays (#1495)
6691 Update PluginSys.cpp
6681 Update FindEntityByClassname docs (#1491)
6680 Clarify EntIndexToEntRef / EntRefToEntIndex errors (#1370)
6679 clientprefs: Add defines for Cookie name and description max length (#1463)
6678 Start using Github Actions (#1488)
6677 Update TerminateRound signature for CS:GO windows (#1486)
6676 A2S_Rules fix: Only change host_rules_show if patching was successful (#1459)
6675 Correct documentation in (#1465)
6673 Correct spelling in sample_ext build script (#1454)
6672 Add ConVar.GetDescription() method (#1449)
6671 core: Call SetGlobalTarget in PrintToConsole (#1448)
6670 gamedata: Add support for hexadecimal offsets (#1426)
6669 core: Call ConVarQueryFinished on client disconnect (#1384)
6668 Prevent duplicate map changes in randomcycle.sp (#1428)
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