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Build Download Change Details Src
6753 Update
6746 Update gamedata after latest CSGO update (22/09/21) (#1583)
6745 Trigger build for TF2 SDK INetChannel changes.
6744 Trigger build for TF2 SDK changes.
6743 Update sourcepawn
6742 Fix crash in `FindSendPropInfo()` when the prop was `DPT_DataTable` (#1575)
6741 Revert "Switch internal SM concept of frames to use Think (#1540)" (#1572)
6740 Remove OnEntitySpawned forward (#1571)
6739 Update SourcePawn
6738 Support reading legacy sendprop arrays (#1550)
6737 Add missing return values in plugins
6736 Update SourcePawn.
6735 Always use our cached name value (#1544)
6733 Update SourcePawn to 1.11-dev tip of tree.
6732 Return array type info with FindSendPropInfo (#1548)
6731 Fix out of bounds write in CDataPack::Write*Array (#1554)
6730 Reduce code size for strict dependencies on mapchooser (#1528)
6729 Fix minimal rebuild.
6728 Switch internal SM concept of frames to use Think (#1540)
6727 Detect invalid menu item selections in L4D-based games (#1543)
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