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Build Download Change Details Src
6415 PassType typo fixup (#1018)
6414 Re-add missing GetEconItemView param (fixes #1001). (#1017)
6413 Re-add float cast on TF2_AddCondition param (fixes #1013). (#1016)
6412 Update CS:GO "Reload" offset. (#1011)
6411 NPOTB: Enable cstrike builds w/ Travis-CI. (#1014)
6410 Fix wrong formatting to "Vote Delay Minutes" when delay above 60s (#1009)
6409 Merge pull request #1008 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6407 Fix malformed documentation indentation in Array.FindValue (#1002)
6406 Add Sort and SortCustom to ArrayList methodmap (#1003)
6405 Fix ArgBuffer String Serialization (#999)
6404 Add missing semicolon to (#996)
6403 Fix CSS Builds (#992)
6402 Remove unneeded paramter in CS_DropWeapon (#988)
6401 Update Linux CSWeaponDropBB signature.
6400 Revert "Update CS:GO CSWeaponDrop Signature (#985)" (#990)
6399 Update CS:GO CSWeaponDrop Signature (#985)
6398 Add new custom kill identifier for TF2 (#972)
6397 Fix param order in CancelClientMenu documentation (#982)
6396 Add templated helper class to promote type-safety (#965)
6395 Incorperate Licensing Into Project Tree (#961)
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