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Build Download Change Details Src
6495 Fix unnecessary ConVar cache misses (#1177)
6494 Fix TF2_MakeBleed using incorrect custom damage type (#1163)
6493 NPOTB: Clarify forward declarations in (#1152)
6492 Add new CSWeaponID knives (#1126)
6491 Fix heap corruption in CUtlVector destructor (#1165)
6490 Fix incorrect nomination response (#1161)
6489 Prevent basecommands from printing to disconnected clients (#1138)
6488 Update Forward Creation to Newer GlobalForward Methodmap (#1143)
6487 Update Contagion gamedata (#1169)
6486 Fix documentation in some DataPack methods (#1164)
6485 Deprecate IsSoundPrecached (#1172)
6484 Add comment about common.phrases to FindTarget (#1155)
6483 Correct GetSteamAccountID validation parameter (#1158).
6482 Fix Documentation Typo in (#1156)
6481 WriteBaselines gamedata update after latest csgo update (#1153)
6480 Merge pull request #1151 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6478 Adjust CanAdminTarget to support multiple Group Immunity IDs (#1147)
6477 Merge pull request #1144 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6475 Speculative fix for MySQL crashes (#1135)
6474 Fix typo in clientprefs plugin description (#1142)
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