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Build Download Change Details Src
6659 core/sm: Harden plugin loading path requirements (#1437)
6658 Universalize a single call to srand() on map init (#1422)
6657 Prefer python3 over python(2) in checkout-deps (#1424)
6656 Fix documentation constant reference
6655 Fix sql injection in sql-admin-manager plugin
6654 Update note about non-existing SQL_MoreResults (#1416)
6653 Fix detour HandleCommand_Buy_Internal (#1406)
6652 [CS:GO] Remove control chars from gamedata
6651 Cleanly remove all hooks on extension unload
6650 Fix missed old syntax parameter in menus
6649 Fix error description
6648 Update 'CScore' offset for CS:GO (#1394)
6647 Update TerminateRound signature for CS:GO linux (#1392)
6646 Add new trie native: ContainsKey() (#1390)
6645 Update cookie funcs to return newdecl Cookie (#1379)
6644 NPOTB: Fix no SDK target exception (#1359)
6643 Fixed unauthorized menu usages (#1374)
6642 Remove verbose `hl2sdk-X not found` warning
6641 Add NULL check to GetEntPropString return. (#1376)
6640 Improvements on !admin menu flags (#1364)
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