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Build Download Change Details Src
6363 Typo fix for CS:GO POSIX Extinguish gamedata.
6362 Update CS:GO contribution score offset.
6361 Hmm...
6360 Add new GiveNamedItem param for CS:GO.
6359 Update CS:GO SDKTools and SDKHooks offsets.
6358 Merge branch 'master' of
6356 Fix typo in fallback to "default" maplists section (#923)
6355 Switch CS:GO Clantag set/get to use netprops + offset over sig + offset. (#922)
6354 SDKHooks: Reset global hookid when unhooking in SH. (#916)
6353 Update game.empires.txt
6352 Add GameData methodmap (#766)
6351 Added sm_reload_databases (#773)
6350 Use natural sorting for map lists (Fixes #892) (#907)
6349 Add a note about FormatTime platform dependence (#908)
6348 Handle NULLs in SDKCall string return (Fixes #874) (#906)
6347 Revert "Use natural sorting for map lists (Fixes #892)"
6346 Use natural sorting for map lists (Fixes #892)
6345 Improve CreateNative failure message (#903)
6344 Update CS:GO gamedata. (#904)
6343 Add additional TraceRay natives (#885)
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