SourceMod uses rolling releases, and updates are continuous. Updates to stable versions of SourceMod are small and non-disruptive. It is generally recommended to run the latest stable build, however, it is not necessarily urgent to upgrade when a newer build appears.

These are stable SourceMod builds. For unstable, development branch builds, see this page instead.

Latest downloads for version 1.8 - build 5947:

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Build Download Change Details Src
5947 Check multiple engine sources for updated AuthIDs. (#552)
5946 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update. (Fixes crash on player join.)
5945 Update more tf2 gamedata.
5944 Update tf2 gamedata.
5943 Add note about uninitialized data in ArrayList.Resize / ResizeArray.
5942 Typo in OnRemoveBan documentation (#542)
5941 Strip invalid UTF-8 char from end of player names. (#545)
5940 Fixed doc on RadToDeg.
5939 Fixed wrong return type in UserMessageToBfRead (#546)
5938 Update CS:GO InfoChanged gamedata. (Fixes SetClientInfo).
5937 Fixed offsets for SetClientName (#547)
5936 Trigger Build
5935 Update pushbuild.txt
5934 Update Insurgency gamedata.
5933 Merge PR #489: Do not call functions in paused plugins This should be reverted when pausing is removed, see PR discussion.
5932 Fix erroneous () in DebugReport:: printouts. (#517)
5931 Update MakeBleed gamedata
5930 Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 update.
5929 Update GoldenEye:Source gamedata (bug 6529).
5928 Update CS:GO gamedata for latest update.
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