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Latest 20 Builds from 1.9 Branch (Click here for all)

Build Download Change Details Src
6237 Fix oops with SetConVarBounds.
6236 Fix/Update regex extension and docs (#775, #767)
6235 Merge branch '1.9-dev' of into 1.9-dev
6233 Missed converting a GetFlags instance.
6232 Update pushbuild.txt
6231 Update BM:S gamedata.
6230 Fix wrong matchmaking_ds bin path being used in some instances.
6229 Update Insurgency FireOutput gamedata.
6228 Update ConVar hacks for BMS.
6227 Update Function Offsets For PVKII (#808)
6226 Update blacklist.plugins.txt
6225 Add RemoveEntity native. (bug 5714) (#745)
6224 Merge pull request #744 from alliedmodders/show-required-exts
6223 Update CS:GO TerminateRound signature for Linux.
6222 Update TF2 CalcIsAttackCritical gamedata.
6221 Add missing `const` to usermessage function parameters (#735)
6220 Temp fix for load issues on Linux.
6219 Add doi, remove dota
6218 Block reserved device names on windows (#733)
6217 fix bad english 🍋 (#724)
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