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Build Download Change Details Src
6039 Fix crash when a database transaction fails (bug 6531) (#577)
6038 Update SourcePawn Module to c687974f5451b9d312141bfa020f465bd8bf96aa .
6037 Sanitize servercfgfile and lservercfgfile values with sm_cvar (bug 6579).
6036 Fix GDC's Linux sigscanning (#576)
6035 Update CS:GO TerminateRound gamedata (#575)
6034 Fix memory leak in Regex extension. (#572)
6033 Use newer MM:S api for Ep1/Original engine. (#548)
6032 Allow direct event FireToClient if broadcast disabled.
6031 Don't check handle ownership on Event.FireToClient
6030 Fix some gamedata issues.
6029 Send the complete TextMsg usermsg (#571)
6028 Allow CStrike ext to load on CS:GO "mods".
6027 Fix gamedata for CS:GO "mods".
6026 Limit Black Mesa to 6 max radio menu items. (7+ not bound)
6025 Enable Radio menus for Black Mesa.
6024 Use method-map .Style instead of GetMaxPageItems. (sm_msay patch) (#569)
6023 Change sm_msay behavior to use GetMaxPageItems instead of hardcoded values (#568)
6022 Fix Panel.Style getter not being bound.
6021 Fix crash in CloneArray for too large arrays (#566)
6020 Fix threaded query's result handle access rights (#567)
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