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Build Download Change Details Src
6154 Allow seeking to end of datapack (#687)
6153 Fix build when product.version is mangled (#679)
6152 Add support for CreateIitemEntityByName for CS:GO
6151 Merge pull request #671 from alliedmodders/csgo-weaponpricefix
6148 Update links in README.
6147 damn it, duck
6146 Ignore vote actions if target is no longer available (#649)
6145 Remove superfluous assignment after delete (#654)
6144 Remove replicated flag from sourcemod_version (#667)
6143 Fix trying to use signature function for WeaponIDToAlias on linux.
6142 Fix CS:S build
6141 Fix using Q_strcpy instead of Q_strncpy
6140 Fix cstrike extension natives/forwards due to update
6139 Fix CS:GO Reload offset (#660)
6138 Fix Handle buy call
6137 Fix HandleCommand_Buy_Internal param order.
6136 Update more CS:GO gamedata
6135 Fix (parts of) CS:GO gamedata (#656)
6134 Include function name in cstrike ext error messages
6133 Removed gender from nomination changed translation phrase. (#653)
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