Plugin Posting Dec 06, 2004 13:28
In order to assuage the hordes of people asking for some downloads, I've added an "HL2 Server Plugin" section to the forum so people can begin posting their works.

There's no requirements to posting other than you must provide a download and instructions (although giving source benefits the community).

So if you're eager for basic administration stuff, check out this section - people are already contributing server plugins for admin commands and weapon restriction.

Just a note - these are not "SourceMod" plugins, they are "Server Plugins", that run on Valve's built in Metamod mechanism.

--- More technical stuff ---

I am now proposing a solution to the "how do I make a vdf" file problem that will arise.

Anyone who makes a plugin should distribute a VDF file for their plugin, named after the plugin binary, with the plugin. For clarity, people should also name their plugins with "_sp", for "server plugin". This will help everyone. For example, if I make "myadmin_sp.dll", I should distribute a file called "myadmin_sp.vdf" that has this in it:

"file" "myadmin_sp"

And then tell people to place that in addons. Hopefully this will reduce the surely upcoming confusion as more plugins are made.

And unless people want to adopt some other standard, I'll promote this one.

Frag on!
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Interview and Update Dec 04, 2004 19:15
First item of business, someone decided to inflict an interview with me on the public :)

Conducted by Soopa of Punk Ass Fraggers, you can read it by clicking right here.

It contains some decent information about our plans for SM and what we hope to achieve.

In other news, you'll notice there's now a Coding section on the forums. Over the next week or so I will be adding things like headers and tutorials that outline the design of the SourceMod development kit (for adding modules/plugins/scripting languages), so you may want to look there for progress updates.
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Source SDK Released! Dec 01, 2004 10:29
It has happened! The Half-Life 2: Source Software Development Kit has been released by Valve.

Although we won't have anything for you instantly, we will keep the community apprised with little things along the way, such as demos, sample plugins, and header code so people can start seeing how to mod for SourceMod.

The recent Scripting Language poll was a huge hit, and it was interesting to see what everyone thought of different languages. First, the news that will please everyone:

SourceMod will be a highly dynamic mod. So far, you can make C, AMX, or JavaScript plugins all at once simply by adding the appropriate DLLs. In the future, a Python addon may come too.

However, the "official" language will be JavaScript. Small/AMX has far too many limitations, and the code base is not only messy but decently buggy. AMX Mod X spent a great deal of time improving it with a 64-bit port and a debugger, but it's time to let Small die in the gaming world. Nonetheless, you will still be able to write Small plugins.

The prospect of being able to do things like:

var name =

Instead of:

new name[24]
get_user_name(id, name, 23)

Should be appealing to people. Again, more information will be available as we get things done.
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What Scripting Language? Nov 18, 2004 19:52
What Scripting Language would you like to see for SourceMod?

With MetaEng, it will be possible to add more than one run-time scripting language at a time, however, we're going to keep the default at C/C++ and one other language.

We've reviewed some embeddable languages and want to know what you think. Right now we're leaning toward the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine, which would let you have typeless coding like Small - except with real strings and object oriented support. However, I'd like to see what the community thinks. So vote!

A note on MetaEng - I've pretty must finished the API I had planned for basic scripting support and will post a notice about it soon so people interested can see.
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Half-Life 2 Release Nov 16, 2004 06:46
Not that every other fan site hasn't posted this, I guess I will too :)

Valve unlocked Half-Life 2 at midnight PST tonight, and supposedly the SDK will follow soon.

So, give us a little time to sit back and enjoy the game ;) I suggest everyone else do the same (even if you're using a Geforce 2 like me).

Meanwhile, check out AMX Mod X, which just released version 1.0 for the original Half-Life.
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