Grand Opening! Oct 07, 2004 16:27
SourceMod is now a public project!

SourceMod is the next generation Administration and Scripting tool for Half-Life 2 and the Source engine. It is rewritten from the ground up and based on a retargettable backend, MetaEng. Think of "SourceMod" as AMX Mod X Unleashed - it has the power to be scripted in any language and the backend can be injected into other games (such as Quake 3, or even the original Half-Life again).

Since this is a new project and the HL2:SDK is not yet out, it can only be conceptualized. However, the backend to SourceMod (MetaEng) is a platform set that can be used for any game! So SourceMod development will be very quick once the HL2:SDK is released, since MetaEng is being developed alongside SourceMod.

In the meantime, we've set up forums so the community can expand and interact. Post ideas, suggestions, comments, anything! There is also a short FAQ that we'll keep up to date.

If you would like to be a part of the SourceMod project, please PM BAILOPAN with your credentials and desired position. To see the current team, go to the credits
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